"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." - Pablo Picasso

IACCF bridges the gap between lesser-known talented Artist/Painters and the world’s most renowned artists. An artist expresses the spiritual and holiness in his or her art. IACCF feels the responsibility to promote talents while providing them the International level. Under the umbrella of IACCF, we are creating a new model for dialogue and collaborations between art galleries, art dealers, art buyers, artists, interior designers, architects and art connoisseurs who come together every year under roof. IACCF feels that every talented artist must stand in the main line. IACCF is determined to provide the opportunity to emerge, independent artists, to get discovered and enjoy the attention along with the established artists. The foremost reason that artists create and the rest of us value their art, is because art forms a priceless living bridge between the everyday psychology of our minds and the universal spirit of humanity.

Our conservation projects include archaeological artefacts, objects, sculptures, paintings, ethnographic materials, historic Cemeteries, historic military collections, natural history and anatomical collections, paintings and textiles. Exhibiting these in the international climate and creating awareness, the IACCF dedicates its strength in restoring and finding the ways to preserve and restoration.

The key ingredient plays the vital role such as exhibition. The only purpose is to signify the richness  and beauty inside culture. This event expresses the gratitude towards the history and promotes Indian 

art or design to create the new grounds for international awareness



Art Exhibition/Showcase

Art Auction

Art Conservation & Restoration


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