The Festival aims to raise awareness and promote Indian cinema internationally and raise the awareness of existing international cinema in all its forms as art, entertainment and as an industry, in a spirit of freedom and dialogue. As we know cinema is most modern and complete art form which is amalgamation of most of the performing arts. In a way cinema is a final product of different ingredients like music, story, poetry, dance, painting, photography and so many. IACCF is trying to fetch all ingredients and the final product under one roof to interact with each other. This is unique innovative and innovative concept where breaking the boundaries of the art domain and meeting the other form will be a life time experience for expatiators.


IACCF presenting the event like film workshop and film bazaar dedicated to fostering better communication between people of diverse cultures through the art of film, music and the moving image. Music and film making competition just to praise the highest efforts. We serve international grounds with cultural footprints of Rajasthani cinema and music and citizenry by providing access to the world-class cinema. We aim to enrich India's cultural environment by presenting the film in contexts that encourage discussion and debate.

Also the film competition for the appreciation of the artist who is dedicating their work and determination.

The film Director/Producer will discuss film making with his experience and takes questions from the aspiring ones and also the Delegates across the world.
After the great success of the first International Art Festival, our second edition will be a Three-day mega event this time in Jaipur, capital, Rajasthan. 

Inviting participation from across the world, the IACCF shall have

Film Makers




OTT platforms

Festival directors, financiers

Film commissioners



 Film funds


Along with the world’s press and all those who provide services to the motion picture and television industry.