About Us


International art culture and cinema festival (IACCF) is the floor whereby all of the enthusiasts and artists contribute their passion, profession and exceptional abilities towards this bridge of opportunity. Giving the potential artist the platform and appreciation for multiple activities such as painting, music, short movie, vocals, etc. Highlighting all musicians, actors, singers, artists and art enthusiasts in a single aura. And culture is the spirit of this festival. The spirit of this event is focused to give much attention to the performers that need recognition for their play, art, and vocals. 

India is known for its diverse and very rich culture, every state has its own unique art form, dance form, food culture, etc, so in IACCF 2021 will be focused on two very culturally rich states and their Art, Culture and Cinema will be showcased/promoted in our festival. 

Indian art culture and cinema festival is also showcasing the Indian heritage at global awareness. IACCF displays a variety of events at one ambiance and multiple programs under one light yet see the bigger picture which is possible through our famed icons around the world, every year we conduct exceptional..