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Our Founder Director

Avinash Tripathi is one of the most versatile faces of Indian media who has carved a niche for himself in the field of cinema and arts. Starting his career as a theatre actor-director with India's leading theatre group 28 years ago, he then became a news anchor, producer and director of a popular TV programme, 'Drishti' for Doordarshan. He has also directed the famous political talk show 'Do Took' broadcasted on ETV. He has worked as the bureau chief of Aankho Dekhi, a pioneer program on crime reporting aired on Doordarshan news. Avinash has made a film on international terrorism namely AB BAS which was critically acclaimed by several media houses/ film festivals of India. He has worked for different organizations and channels as a producer and executive producer like Doordarshan, ETV and Lashkara channel. His docu-fiction film on legendary Urdu Poet and Javed Akhter’s maternal uncle Majaz Lakhnavi film was well appreciated in several film festivals and so on........

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“Mission and Vision”

Art has power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate.

We at IACCF aim to bridge the gap from the established art houses to simple unknown craftsmen across the globe and create a platform where they can showcase their talent for the world to witness it.Emerging from our motherland we desire to carry this torch across the globe traveling through different continents and exploring different countries in the quest of creativity not bound by the geographical boundaries. Art is not demarked by boundaries nor can it be caged by the society but it paves the path to freedom and expression of soul.

To ensure we succeed in chasing our vision every year at IACCF we aim to choose a host country and two nucleus countries whose art, culture and cinema will be studied and promoted by IACCF. We will amalgamate the art and culture of these countries with the art and culture of two chosen nucleus states of India. . India is the standalone hub of art and culture but it also is a symbol of diversity inspired by this we wish to establish this diversity across the globe by incorporating Indian culture with that of the host nation and the two nucleus countries chose. We want the flow of art to be unstoppable and to trace from the great wall of china to Taj Mahal in India to the Eiffel tower in Paris to Australian war memorial and to the statue of liberty in the US covering the whole entire world. As we pledge to make IACCF a splendid success we have our eyes set on the new edition with Australia and New Zealand as the host.

“We at IACCF believe firmly that the driving force across the globe is not finance nor arms and ammunition but the creative parlance of art and culture.”- Founder and Director IACCF
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